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Friday, September 07, 2007

My knitting hates me

I've had a frustrating time with the knitting this week.

First off, can you tell me what's wrong with this sock?

Hopscotch socks

Nope, I can't spot anything either. I'm therefore struggling to recall exactly why I ripped the whole thing out between Birmingham and Leamington Spa last Monday. It was something to do with the garter stitch in the diamonds pulling in lengthways and the cables pulling in sideways so that the sock foot looked really weird when not being worn. But who cares what it looks like in the sock drawer? After ripping back I tried a couple of variations on the diamond pattern (reverse stocking stitch, double moss stitch) only to find that it was the garter stitch which made the diamonds so diamondy in the first place. Spit!

Anyway, a week after I took the photo in the last post, I finally got back to the same place in the knitting and I'm now ready to start on the gusset, this time after taking care of some basics like measuring gauge and working out when I need to start on it etc. I don't usually do much planning when knitting socks, even made-up ones, since you can bung in a short-row heel just about anywhere without having to do any preparation - another reason why I love 'em.

Still, the heel flap does have advantages, like you can knit pretty stitch patterns into them. I'm planning a square turned heel (like for the Breeze socks only in reverse) which will wrap around my heel with some cables to give it a reinforced effect.


Kirsty said...

Ack, how frustrating! But they do look like they're going to be worth it...

Felix said...

They look beautiful and with your speed-knitting you will have the whole thing up and running (on your foot!) in days and the ripping back will be a distant memory.