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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Hat #4

Hat #4

Yarn: Fleece Artist sock yarn with sea cell
Needles: 3mm dpns

A plain stocking stitch hat which lets the yarn do the talking.

More progress on the Anya sweater.

Anya sweater

I've made a few teensy mistakes, a misplaced bead here, a missing one there (or not there as the case may be), a whole extra row on the back - actually that's quite a big mistake.


Tink back 20 rows of colourwork with beading (you can't rip KSH - not if you want to reuse it that is).
Knit the front as per pattern and finagle the making up so the extra row doesn't show.
Knit the front with an extra row.

Trouble is, the extra row turns the RS into the WS (and vice versa) which means I have to place a lot of beads on the purl rows (which isn't that easy).

And so, the real solution: Knit to the next colour change, move my knitting from one needle to the other so my RS becomes my WS again and continue knitting as though nothing had happened. I can do the same for the front too when I get to it. There's always a work around in knitting - one of the reasons I love it so much.

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Katie M. said...

Your solution sounds eminently reasonable. Who would want to tink 20 rows of KSH colorwork?? And the pattern is lovely ... no one will notice.