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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Right back where I started from..

I finally caught up to where I was before I started all the ripping back madness, in fact I've even overtaken myself a bit! The irony is that second time around, I've made pretty much all the same decisions as the first time. The short row round heel with flap is still there after I realised I'd messed up the maths for the square one (it would seem you don't need so much gusset) and didn't fancy the idea of more ripping. I did increase for the gusset on every other row, rather than on every row, but that's about it!

I'm sticking with the idea of a plain knit back ankle section as in the Birch Leaf socks and the Breeze socks with a lace rib section further up to give some stretch around the upper ankle/lower calf area. Of course, how much stretch is required depends on how far the yarn is going to go so pretty soon I'll be putting this sock on a holder and starting on sock 2. The other advantage of this method of knitting socks (a half sock at a time) is that I can write up pattern notes as I knit the second sock with the advantage of actually knowing what I'm doing!

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