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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Each peach pear plum..

Some kindly person brought plums from their garden into work this week and so I made a plum and apple pie, using up the remaining apples from the ones we picked a few weeks back (apples really do keep well).

Plum and apple pie

Luckily I took a picture before serving the pie as it all fell apart rather on cutting!

and when the pie was opened

Still, all the constituent bits were delicious.

Today has been a day of small successes.

I've reached (and now finished) the heel on the second Hopscotch sock and there's still a sizeable cake of yarn left which bodes well for the length of the leg.

Hopscotch socks - heel

I've also finished (at long last) plying the hand-spun MoBair fibre which I bought back in May. It's currently hanging up in the shower to drip dry after which it's off to Katie's for the ball winder treatment (I've frankly had quite enough of winding this stuff around chairs!). It's worth it though, it's come out at a nice laceweight and I think I should be able to knit something very pretty in lace from it.

Hand spun yarn

Lastly I've skeined up some yarn which I had over-dyed in the leftovers from yesterday's red dye bath. This was Debbie Bliss cream merino dk which I had a go at hand-dyeing with Supercook food colouring back in May. The results were not so much variegated as blotchy.


Hand dyed merino yarn


Hand dyed merino

Cooking the yarn in the somewhat diluted red dye bath has softened out the over-concentrated aqua and filled in the undyed gaps with a dusky pink. The result is a variegated yarn in petrol blues and greys with some rose and purple. It's beautiful and I'm torn between being thrilled at having produced it and somewhat regretful that it was completely by accident.


Kirsty said...

Yum! What a delicious post- I love how the overdyed yarn has some of the plum colours from the pie

Felix said...

Gorgeous yarn, Liz. It looks almost as tasty as the pie!

Did you also have that great children's book, 'each, peach, pear, plum?'

From what I recall it had gorgeous illustrations in it, including a beautiful basket of yarn with needles poking out of it.