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Thursday, August 03, 2006

River socks

River sockAfter being intimidated by it for some while, on Monday I finally started to knit with the Lorna's Laces sock yarn. And after a few false starts on different sizes of needle I came up with this.
The pattern is taken from the Rowan River stole and I really like the way the pattern works with the colours in the yarn, although because of the variegation it's a little indistinct.

However, there's a really wide zig-zag up the back because I hadn't really taken the pattern edging into account. I tried knitting a second sock to a slightly different version of the pattern. This worked out less well. Decreasing the number of stitches to 13 per needle meant that the pattern stitches kept travelling and I felt like I was improvising too much and wouldn't be able to duplicate it for the second sock. At the same time I was really loving the colour repeats on the underside of the sock and kind of getting Jaywalker envy from my knitting buddy who was knitting a pair at the same time. Soo, I think I'm ripping the first sock, knitting Jaywalkers and saving the River pattern for a plain yarn.

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