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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Potato chips

Last night I cast on the gorgeous Be Sweet mohair boucle which I bought at Loop on the hen day. Amazingly it is just as lovely on the needles as in the ball (that almost never happens to me) and I can't wait to finish and actually wear the scarf. I'm knitting the Potato chip scarf found on the Knitpicks site (just Google for it) and it's perfect for the yarn. The only fly in the chardonnay is that I wussed out of buying a 7mm circular needle between Bowness and Windermere (my boyfriend was giving me dirty looks due to the fact that we were 1 mile up a steep 1½ mile hill carrying 60 litre rucksacks on our way back to the station). This means that I cast on 90 stitches on 2 straight needles and am now up to 720 stitches (which seems too many to be right but my maths assures me it is) over 3 straight needles. I definitely need that big circular needle, if only for the safety of those around me! The lack of photos is getting embarrassing so here are the black Jaywalkers which I gave to my Dad for his birthday at the weekend.

Photos at last

The beautiful Be Sweet boucle mohair (mohair boucle? I don't know which order those two go in) which I bought from Loop!

The finished article! The jacket isn't quite this shiny in real life.

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