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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

TGI Wednesday

I love Wednesdays! Mostly because Wednesday is the day the Oxford Bluestockings knitting group meets up. Today I have a nearly finished Aran tweed walking sock in garter rib stitch (the yarn just did not want to Jaywalk) and three-quarters of a pair of actual Jaywalkers in the Lorna's laces to take along. I also have the right front of Elspeth if I'm feeling ambitious. It's not really a great knitting group project as I have to count rather than talk in order to keep up with the pattern and the decreases/increases at the same time. I also have a couple of balls of Baby Cashmerino which I bought a couple of weeks ago to "show and tell". Hopefully I can work out how to adjust the Birch leaves pattern for the larger yarn gauge and make a start on those soon.

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