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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Now we are thirty - #2

pressies mosaic

I don't think anyone ever had such lovely crafty friends. Clockwise from the top left are:

500 cupcakes & muffins from Kathrin - I think she's just hoping that the boyfriend will start bringing the cupcakes that we can't eat into work!
Machine stitched owl from Ellen.
Handmade beaded fuschia earrings from Jenny.
Crocheted brooch on a handknit heart cushion from Mikal.
Pink glass dotty earrings from Helen.
Handmade cards drawn by Kathrin's girls - I feel they have a future in the quirky greetings card market.

picnic bag mosaic

After our lengthy conversations about packed lunches on the way back from Woolfest in the summer Felix decided that I needed the ultimate picnic bag. If you read Felix's blog you might have noticed that she tends to play down her sewing skills with typical modesty but this is a beautiful piece of work. The outer fabric is an Amy Butler fabric in a lovely fresh green and the lining is some leaf patterned oil cloth. I'm incredibly impressed with the neatness of the stitching as I've heard that oil cloth can be really tricky to sew. The bag has two handy pockets on the outside and was packed with handy picnic stuff including a one-person vacuum flask (which will be filled only with hot water), two mini tupperware containers, a napkin, a biscuit box, a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and a freezer pack in its own little bag. I was absolutely stunned when I opened this and saw all the lovely things that Felix had filled it with.

Thank you so much to all my lovely friends who celebrated my birthday with me on Monday!


Clare said...

Happy birthday Liz! I think the Amy Butler fabric is called Martini, which is very suitable for a 30th birthday present (and I'm sure your thermos could double up as a cocktail shaker).

Lucie said...

Very happy birthday Liz. 30 is fabulous! How lovely to be showered in handmade loveliness.

Just thought I'd let you know how much I enjoy your blog - it is one of only a very few I have time to follow these days and it is very much a highlight for me. I miss the Bluestockings so this is a vicarious pleasure for me.

Warmest and best wishes
Lucie x

Lara said...

Happy Birthday Liz! Hurrah for handmade loveliness and lovely friends. Here's to truly fantastic time being 30...