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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Marathon girl - Week #4

Day #6 (long run)


Distance: 13 miles
Time (total): 01:49:48 hours
Average time (per mile): 08:26 minutes


Distance: 13 miles
Time (total): 01:55:00 hours
Average time (per mile): 08:50 minutes

I'm not completely sure which of the above times is correct. Kate, who planned the route, thought that we'd reached 13 miles at the turning for Squitchey Lane but when I mapped it out later the route only went up to 12.5 miles at that point. The problem is that we took such a convoluted path around Oxford that I can't completely remember where we went! It's not a bad time either way and the second time certainly looks more plausible but I'd love the first one to be correct so I've emailed Kate for a clarification on the route. We'd have made an even better time I think on a flatter route (I can't believe she made me run up Headington hill twice) although I'm sure that the slower pace on the ups is at least partly balanced out by the assistance from gravity on the way back down again.

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Lara said...

Your running is truly inspirational Liz! I'm so impressed you ran up Headington Hill twice! (To be honest, I was impressed with once!)