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Saturday, February 06, 2010

A big thank you.. the tosser who yelled something at me from the passenger seat of the black Peugeot that passed me at 40mph or so during my run this morning. The resulting anger gave me a nice andrenalin boost up the rest of the hill and my imagined revenge fantasy, consisting of catching the car up at the lights, asking him to repeat what he said, and then pouring the contents of my feed bottle into his lap, kept me mentally occupied for the next half mile or so. Really, what kind of person sees a female runner up ahead and deliberately winds down their window just to hurl unintelligible remarks (I really didn't catch a word of what he said but it was no doubt offensive) at them? It's aggressive, bullying behaviour and I'm sick of it. If I want to go training in shorts or tights or a cropped vest I will. It's none of their business to comment on it (either verbally or by means of their car horn) and they'd better hope I never catch them at the lights.


Sarah said...

tosser indeed


Spundraft (on Ravelry) said...

I completely agree. I've had comments and items thrown at me from vehicles while I'm running, and it's really not necessary. Each to their own.

Lien said...


People who yell at you in the streets will do so no matter what you are doing or wearing- it really has nothing to do with you. I have learned to just absolutely ignore anyone who shouts/yells/whistles/whatever at me in the street- I don't turn around, I don't even react.

(This has caused hilarity those few times when it was actually someone I know beeping their horn at me or trying to get my attention from across the stree.)

My name is Abstar!!! said...

this is one of the funniest stories I have read for a while... we talk about this stuff at my work.. it's crazy what men do!

Check this out

Clare said...

here here!!