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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Now we are thirty - #1

Guess who had a "round number" birthday last Monday! I'm going to do this a little bit in reverse as although I received some lovely gifts from my family the weekend before my birthday, and some fabulous pressies from my amazing crafty friends on my birthday I think that they should wait until I have some decent light for photography (although if you want a sneak peek check out the fabulous bag that Felix made for me here).

Instead I thought I'd share a present that I received yesterday from the boyfriend's lovely sister, Clare. Clare was very apologetic that she hadn't had time to wrap it but I have no problem whatsoever in receiving a gift wrapped in a John Lewis bag (so long as the contents actually come from that emporium of joy).

Odd Bods by Donna Wilson


This is such a cute book and it's not one that I would normally buy for myself (it's been some time since I bought a pattern book that didn't contain baby patterns to knit for my niece) so it's lovely to receive it as a gift.

Check out some of the crazy critters you can knit.


I love all the raccoon-fox guys and I know Felix has a soft spot for the Ginge Marmalade cat.


Ruth said...

Happy Birthday Liz!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! The creatures book looks great fun. Sarah x

Lara said...

Sqee indeed! I got that book from Christmas from J and I love the creatures! I especially love the cat and the long dog!