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Monday, February 22, 2010

Knitting Olympics - day #10

We're talking to Liz now who's aiming for a gold medal in the two week sweater reknitting event.

So Liz, this is your first attempt at knitting a whole sweater in two weeks, nervous?

Well, I've been training hard. Last month I knit a much larger size sweater in just under three weeks.

There are just over 6 days to go, are you confident about completing on time?

I've finished the body up to the armholes and I'm 7.5 inches into the first sleeve. From here the target's looking very achievable.

And you're working with yarn that's been ripped out once, are you worried about any difference in gauge between that and the yarn that hasn't been ripped?

Well now I am! Still I'm pretty strong at blocking and I'm sure it's nothing that a good soak won't even out. Now I really have to get on I'm afraid.

Just one more question ...

Oh for goodness sake, can't you see I'm on a schedule here?

We just wanted to know ... OK, we're going ... you can put the needle down. Well that was Liz, obviously very focussed on her sweater. Later we'll be going over to the sock knitting arena to see if the GB team can break that Olympic record but right now it's off to the slopes for the freestyle crochet.


tinebeest said...

*ruffles the cheerleading pompoms*

Go Liz Go!

Felix said...

*rolls out supercolourful GO LIZ bunting*

Petit Filoux said...

Very good! ;-)