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Friday, February 05, 2010

I can't wait for the Olympics

Literally can't wait. I had intended to use the Sublime Angora Merino which I scored at the yarn swap last Saturday to be my Knitting Olympics or Ravelympics, or whatever we're referring to them as, project. For those of you not familiar with the concept, during the winter Olympics (after all knitting really is a winter sport) knitters all over the globe will be casting on in their chosen event and trying to complete their projects before the closing ceremony in just over three week's time.

The trouble is, I'm missing my sweater. You'd think that after three weeks of stockinette in the round, knitting in every possible minute* in order to keep on schedule, not knitting on any other project, I'd be quite keen for a change, but no! Last night I cast on for the swatch in the round (pre-competition swatching is allowed, it's like training), washed it, dried it, did the maths, and cast-on. I just couldn't help it.

Seamless hybrid swatch

I'm now 8 rounds into the turned picot edging of the sweater and I'm really looking forward to my train journey later this afternoon - three and a half solid hours of stockinette in the round. Of course I will look like a walking fluff ball afterwards - even as you knit it the bunny fibre wafts off the yarn in little white puffs - I so should not have worn black jeans today!

* my dentist and I seriously discussed whether I could knit whilst he was replacing my filling. He seemed quite keen on the idea but I really didn't want him distracted during that job! I did, however, knit in the chair whilst the anaesthetic was taking effect.

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