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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Medrith's little lace socks

I finished my second 3 ply yarn and first attempt at sock yarn on Sunday.

Handspun sock yarn

I'm really pleased with this. It's a tiny bit thick and thin in places but not so as you'd notice once it's knit up.

Once the yarn had dried I set about swatching. I worked two swatches (by which I mean I started and ripped out two different patterns) before I found the right combination of pattern and needle. I first of all started to knit a pair of Monkeys on 2.5mm needles and only stopped when I realised that I was risking breaking a needle everytime I tried to k2tog.

I finally remembered this pattern in A Gathering of Lace (Aliki - remind me to give you your book back!) which is knit over 52 stitches on 2.75mm needles, perfect for a slightly thick sock yarn.

Medrith little lace sock

Medrith little lace sock

The length of the repeat (24 rows) means that you only need to knit 3 repeats for the leg and so the sock is knitting up really quickly - I'm already part way down the foot.

My success with this sock yarn means that I'm definitely going to try a fingering weight with my big bag of grey Shetland fibre.

FO - Handspun Fetchings


I'm trying to knit up the handspun as soon as possible (after all, that's the point of spinning it) so I turned my Spindlefrog yarn into a pair of Fetchings. I tried to make the cuffs a bit longer so as to use up more yarn but they're evidently not long enough as I still have half a ball of the yarn.


Rooie said...

Oooh, love the colors of both those yarns. But the Fetchings...that's just gorgeous!

Joyce D said...

I'm working up this Medrith Little Lace pattern, too. It is a fun challenge in pure bamboo.