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Friday, June 05, 2009

All the pretty fibres

I am really looking forward to Ravelry day on Saturday. There's going to be lots on offer for spinners - spinning and the Coventry Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers are going to be there, there's a demonstration of long draw spinning, and, of course, there'll be fibre. The Toft Alpaca shop will be there and Fyberspates and Lilith from Old Maiden Aunt.

With this FEO (fibre enhancement opportunity) so close at hand I thought I'd better getting busy on Megan's Hartzview sock fibre:

The Thylacine sock fibre in Hartzview

Before starting I split the fibre into three sections in order to spin a three ply. I've now spun two and a bit so I'm over two-thirds of the way there. The superwash merino/nylon blend is very easy to spin fine and I'm getting it pretty even too. I can't wait until I can ply it - plying is like the spinning equivalent of blocking lace, the point at which you see just how good the thing you've made is.

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