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Monday, June 22, 2009

Knitting in public (transport)

On Saturday I headed off to deepest, darkest Croydon to help Felix celebrate her birthday.

This is what my journey would look like if you could put the whole thing into the tfl journey planner. Note the sneaky pit-stop at Liberty on the way back.

Journey to Croydon

Of course a journey that long does allow you to get a lot of knitting done. I cast on for a Pomatomus sock in the Old Maiden Aunt sock yarn from Ravelry day on the first train. By the time I'd drunk two-thirds of a pint of beer at Felix's i had this much.

Pomatomus sock and beer

And by the time I reached home again I'd completed two whole repeats of the pattern.

Pomatomus socks

I love how the scaly pattern looks in this yarn and I love how the yarn looks in this pattern - they're really a great match.

We set up a mini-knitting circle at Felix's party with myself, Gemma and Ruth and later Kirsty and Felix herself whenever she could spare time from being the birthday girl.


Ruth knitting a 'round the world' hat.

Felix and yarn ball cake

Felix photographing the ball of yarn cake.

Felix and brass quintet

Felix being serenaded by brass quintet.

It was a lovely afternoon with good ale, a lavish barbecue, and two kinds of trifle - fabulous.

I had to leave around quarter past five but quickly realized that I wasn't going to make the 6:20 train and so made the best of it by making a stop off in Oxford Circus to visit Liberty and John Lewis (only because Liberty doesn't have zippers). I came away with some lovely Amy Butler fabric and a Cabot halter pattern.

Cabot/Barcelona dress

It's not actually a Cabot halter - it's a bit more than that and I'm thrilled with how it's turned out. Proper pictures on Wednesday when I'll be wearing it to the Encaenia* garden party. I only hope that I haven't put the mockers on the weather in the same way that I did for Ravelry day by making something specially for the occasion.

* Oxford University's honorary degree ceremony.


Ruth said...

"Round the World Hat" Off to change ravelry entry to that! Brilliant!

Felix said...

Hey Liz,

Thanks so much for coming aaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll the way to Croydon... it seems you made the most of the sneaky pot-stop and the long travel time. Your new top is absolutely gorgeous and your pomatomus looks great.

I am now on the heel of my 2nd Hopscotch sock; it turns out that hungover breakfasts on the decking make for better knitting times than extremely busy parties!

Thanks so much again for coming; it meant a lot that you did.

Enjoy the Encaenia garden party! xxx