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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elderflower cordial

Elderflower cordial

I've been thinking about trying to make elderflower cordial for some time. There is a glut of elderflower trees around our neck of the woods and the mention of making elderflower cordial in the latest episode of Cast-On was the only impetus I needed to buy a funnel and muslin strainer and set about picking elderflower heads.

I may have left it too late this year to make any serious amount as I had real difficulty finding many elderflowers. Where last week there was a cloud of white flowers this week there was a mass of unremitting green! Still, I think I picked enough to make a pint at least - just enough for me to check that it's worth a more serious investment for next year.

The recipe (I used this one but they're all pretty similar) is simplicity itself. There's no cooking involved - just some slicing and stirring and you've got to boil the kettle*. The cordial mix is now steeping in the fridge. It should be ready for me to strain it tomorrow evening when I get back from running and am in need of a delicious cool drink.

Elderflower cordial

This has to be the prettiest drink that you can make at home.

* Felix - we could so make elderflower cordial on the primus whilst camping!


Felix said...

The possibilities for stove-top joy on the road are endless!

Enjoy the cordial, it's perfect for post-run refreshment.

Lara said...

I too have been dreaming of making something with elderflowers - i saw some men with big sacks picking flowers on the side of the road in South West. I can't believe it was so simple!! It looks so lovely and summery - I was also very taken with River Cottage's Gorse beverages as well.

Nikki said...

I always meant to try that when I lived in the UK and Ireland.... sure is pretty!

Liz said...

It is very yummy - although I'm still working out the best amount to put into a glass of water.