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Thursday, June 04, 2009

The daisy chain effect

I feel I should apologise for putting the mockers on the weather for the UK Ravelry day in Coventry on Saturday. You see on Tuesday I was in John Lewis in Reading and thought that as it would be way too hot for knitwear at the weekend it would be really nice to have a new skirt to wear to Ravelry day. I chose 1 metre* of gorgeous Amy Butler fabric from her Daisy Chain collection in deco rose/brown and a matching zipper and thread.

I mentioned my plan at Sticks and String that evening and got one or two raised eyebrows at the idea of whipping up a skirt in time for Saturday. Thanks to my insanely competitive nature this meant that I had the fabric washed, the pieces cut out and the zipper sewn in before I went to bed (admittedly very late) that night and the whole skirt finished the next night.

Sadly my actions have obviously caused an areas of low pressure to form over Europe which, heading north, will mean heavy rain in Coventry by Saturday. I'll still be wearing my skirt though (maybe I could get matching wellies instead of flip flops) and I suppose this means that everyone gets to wear their knitwear after all.

A-line skirt

Pattern: a-line skirt from Barcelona skirts by Amy Butler
Size: M
Modifications: I shortened the skirt length from about mid calf to above knee, partly because that's how I like my a-line skirts, partly because that's how much fabric again.

My only regret (apart from the weather of course) is that I didn't buy another metre in a different print to make two skirts.

* at £9.50 per metre with a zipper and thread that's still a pretty cheap skirt (I already had the pattern).

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