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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Silver linings

The plus side of spending over ten hours - five hours due to unscheduled delays and disruptions on Friday evening and another five due to scheduled delays and disruptions on Sunday afternoon - on public transport over the weekend is that you get a lot of knitting done*. I'm now four lace repeats into the vest which was just a smidgen of a swatch when I dashed onto a Newcastle bound train at 17:21 on Friday, I might even have it done by the end of the week!

The pattern (which I mentioned briefly in my last post) is the Katharine vest by Eunny Jang from the Spring 2008 issue of Interweave Knits. Right now, when it's chilly, damp, and dark outside, is a great time to flick through spring designs and plan what I want to have knitted up** and ready to wear when the sun finally breaks through.


I really love little, short sleeved blouses for spring, summer, and autumn and this looks like it would be the perfect vest to match with them. I especially like the deep ribbed waistband which is nice and snug in contrast to the airy lace - I hate having a draughty midriff. In fact this top might even lengthen the stay of execution on my Gap jeans which do leave me feeling rather, well, gappy around the middle.


Other than the fact that I'm knitting mine in 100% Wensleydale Longwool whilst the original is in an 80%/20% cotton/merino blend I'm not planning to make any modifications. Really the pattern is so complicated, shaping + a lace pattern where not all the decreases and increases are on the same row, that I'm not sure I'd know where to start.

* In fact I even got a mini stitch'n'bitch session in with Ruth as we were both stranded at Oxford station waiting for trains to the north and west respectively.

** I'm also liking the (very fancy) Twisted Tulip socks, I think they may have been the reason I bought the mag in the first place, and Anne Hanson's Bleeding Hearts stole - just gorgeous.


Moggle said...

I really like that pattern.

Looking forward to seeing your finished vest sometime soon.

Ruth said...

Well done for looking on the bright side! I'm v. impressed with your progress :)