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Friday, January 02, 2009

blue is for boys(?)

I had a pretty productive run today. Not only did I manage 6 miles in fairly good shape, I also finally decided what to do with the quilt fabric* I bought from the Quilt Room stand at the NEC back in August and that I wanted the baby sweater that I'm designing to have a round(ish) neck and square set-in sleeves.

"blue is for boys" sweater

This project represents my first toe in the water when it comes to designing a sweater in several different sizes (12-18 months, 18-24, and hopefully 2-3 years). Obviously this is no help to those of my friends who have (or are expecting) much younger baby boys** but unless the cables soften up considerably during washing I don't think it will be practical to knit this one any smaller. Of course I could always try a DK version for the baby sizes!

This one (as always) will be going to my niece, Laurie, who in return I hope will let me check the neck shaping on her tomorrow. It's all well and good consulting charts and making measurements but there's just no substitute for checking that the neckhole actually does fit over a real baby's head.

* I'm thinking either swimming pool or log cabin with little hand-stitched waves for the quilting.

** yes I know that can be read in an absurd way but I can't think of a way to rephrase it without the ambiguity.

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