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Monday, January 05, 2009

(Not Quite) FO

It turns out that my announcement of the blue is for boys? baby sweater as an FO was a tad premature.

blue is for boys?

I pounced on Laurie for a quick fitting whilst she was watching In the Night Garden on Sunday morning and it turns out that the sleeves are too tight at the top and the neck gapes. I've fixed the sleeves by changing the pattern to mostly stocking stitch with just the cable down the top and I plan to take 8 stitches out of the neck. The size of babies' heads notwithstanding I reckon it can take it as at the moment as at the moment it fits over my head!

reworked sleeve

In other news, and primarily for the benefit of my parents who are probably wondering what it was they bought when they gave me a yarn winder and swift for Christmas, I've finally found the perfect set-up for my new toys.

BFL cakes

BFL cakes

You wouldn't think that the desk, what with the wide screen monitor, overhanging shelf, etc. was the ideal place for these but it's actually the only suitable surface in the flat as all the rest either have shelves which get in the way or bevelled edges or are just too wobbly! I think it should be fine so long as I don't get any skeins longer than two and a half metres. I've already wound off my skein of Mmmalabrigo sock yarn (which was a complete and tangled nightmare), and four skeins of my bfl handspun which went very smoothly. I plan to knit the finer skeins of that into another Mr Tweedy for myself as it's currently brrrr freezing around here.

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Kyoko said...

Happy New Year! Lovely jumper you have made :D Baby comes in all sizes so I can understand that it can be difficult to make baby sweaters. The color suits him.
My skein winder used to be connected to Wesley's desk but now I have moved to my desk. I used to put it on a dining table but it was becoming a bit annoying. My cats are scared of it too! Hope you have a good week :D