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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

For days when knitting takes too long

Having not (for various reasons including being dog tired and having my nose stuck in a book for much of the time) picked up a needle of any description between Friday lunchtime and early Sunday evening I felt in need of a quick craft hit at the end of the weekend. I wasn't really in the mood to knit on the very fine alpaca gloves so I got out the fabric, cutting board, rotary cutter, and sewing machine and had a crib sized quilt pieced up by the end of the Antiques Roadshow (perfect crafting viewing).

Blue quilt

Blue quilt

I used the same pattern for the quilt top as for Laurie's crib quilt which I made last year but I intend to make the quilting a bit more fancy. I'll be doing the quilting by hand which will be good practice for submitting a quilt for next year's Festival of Quilts (apparently I'm already too late for this year!).


Kim said...

Lovely quilt! And I look forward to seeing your entry for next year's Festival of Quilts, you're so much braver than me (I still haven't started my first quilt yet).

lucie said...

Very cute quilt. I made my first one for Ella's Christmas present. Who is it for?.... ?! hee hee