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Friday, January 09, 2009

Cabbage Patch quilt

The advantage of waiting at home for the Argos delivery men who are bringing a new chest of drawers is that I can take photos in what passes for daylight around this time of the year!

Cabbage patch quilt

I finished the binding on this shortly after getting back from my Christmas break. Hand binding a quilt is a perfect job for the cold weather as you get to snuggle under it whilst you work. This is my first big quilt (just under single bed size) and the first one that I've machine quilted. I'm really pleased with the overall effect despite a few skipped stitches and small tangles on the back. I particularly love the dark green cabbage squares and border and the concentric octagons in the middle of the blocks.

The backing is a bright green gingham and the binding is (yet) more of the cabbage fabric.

Cabbage patch quilt

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