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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas knitting - redux

Epiphany is done and dusted (although the decorations will be staying around until the weekend) so it's a perfect time to crack on with the Christmas knitting. Alas this is not next year's Christmas knitting but rather the knitting of Christmas past come back to haunt me.

Alpaca gloves

Although I made a bold start on my Mum's alpaca gloves (to match the scarf I crocheted for her birthday) with my beautiful new Knitpicks Harmony dpns (*hearts* these needles) on Christmas morning I got somewhat distracted by the need to knit socks for my brother-in-law and then, when they were finished, by the baby sweater which I cast on in the car on New Year's Eve out of the need to have something that I could knit in the dark on the way to and from Manchester. Gloves in 4-ply were far too fiddle and no knitting is simply not an option.

Back to the gloves, they are knit using a tubular cast on with a turned picot edge. I used 2.25mm needles to knit the rounds on the inside of the cuff and then changed to 2.5mm needles to knit the picot round and the rest of the glove. The finer gauge on the inside of the cuff helps it to lie flat rather than splaying out, one of my pet peeves.

Alpaca gloves

As with most hand knitted gloves of my acquaintance it looks much better on than off.

With the first glove finished and the tubular cast on of the second one completed I've just got the cuff and thumb gusset to do, which should be straightforward, and the fingers and thumbs, which should be - well, there's a reason that people say "all fingers and thumbs". Fiddly is not the word!

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Kyoko said...

The glove you made is absolute gorgeous! 2.5mm needle is very fine. I keep meaning to try the knitpick's needles but not had a chance yet (I am currently using addi turbo). You made me want to knit with Alpaca :D !