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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lightening quick bootees

Ringing up my mum last night to report on the progress of baby's new jumper I was greeted, not so much with delighted praise as an enquiry as to whether or not I had forgotten about baby's cream bootees. These had been mentioned the other week and were now absolutely essential as baby has a new dress and requires cream bootees to complete the ensemble.

I hadn't exactly forgotten, but they had gone on the back burner as I wasn't really sure what size they should be. Luckily there was a bootee to hand for mum to measure and I was able to get to work on whipping up a pair from the leftover Rowan DK from the sheep cardigans.


This is just a basic bootee recipe - knit a tube, knit an instep on one third of the stitches, pick up along the sides and decrease for the sole - but the knit and purl stripes make them beautifully squidgy and soft.

There are eyelet holes for a ribbon to secure them and I'm going to check King's after work for some little ribbon flowers for the finishing touch.

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