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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cabbage patch quilt

The sewing which I had planned for Sunday finally got done this evening. I just had seven blocks to stitch together before I could start on laying out the quilt.

Snowball quilt layout

I tried my best not to overthink the arrangement of the blocks. I just laid out one vertical strip of 6 different blocks - trying to get a good balance between the dark and lighter blocks - and then laid out the other 3 strips offset by one block.

I'm really happy with the way that the pink/red blocks balance at opposite corners and I love the dark green stripe across the middle.

I'll lose some of the area to seaming but I think that it should work out single bed size (or as a runner for the base of a double bed) once I've put a border on.

Snowball quilt layout - detail

I'll take some better close-up shots of the individual blocks once it's sewn together as these photos don't really do the fabrics justice.

Of course some of my motivation for getting this done (aside from working with the lovely fabrics) comes from checking out the Rowan fabrics at liberty the other weekend. It looks like we'll be making another trip to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC this summer and I can't justify buying more fabric until I've finished the two quilts currently on the go.


Penny said...

That's a stunning arrangement for the cabbage material.

Zoe said...

Hey - love this.
Where did you get the cabbage fabric - it's fantastic!

Liz said...

Cabbage fabric was by Makower from Hobbycraft but I suspect it might be discontinued by now.