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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Crochet your way to a slimmer you!

I'd thought that my general feeling off health, fitness and well-being today was due to the 5 mile run that I managed yesterday* but it turns out that it was actually an adipose baby.


I chased this little chap for a couple of laps around the bathroom before he hopped out of the window and headed off to the mother ship.

ooooh *shrinks back against side of sink*

bye bye!

Pattern: Amigurami Adipose Baby by Jennifer Christensen
Hook: 4mm
Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool DK
Ravelled: here

I used 6mm black beads for the eyes - btw, if any Bluestockings want to crochet their very own Amigurami Adipose Baby I have a whole pot full of these that you can use.

Modifications: none, unless you count that I forgot to read the errata note for the feet but they still seem to have worked out fine.

* The cold-that-time-forgot seems much better and I'm back in training (yay).


Penny said...

Oh that is cute! And so life-like. Or is it TV-like?

Servidores said...

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Lee said...

You're Adipose looks absolutely wonderful!

I'm trying to follow the same pattern, but I'm having trouble with the arms and legs.

I was wondering if you could possibly help me with it, as I'm having issues with starting off - the pattern just confuses me!

If you could spare a few minutes, could you e-mail me some helpful hints on doing the arms and legs please? My e-mail is "" - thank you!