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Monday, May 28, 2007

Spin Sunday

After seeing the exhibition at Stanton St. John I was moaning a bit about how I wouldn't be able to start spinning up my lovely new fibre stash until at least Wednesday as Abby still has my drop spindle. I'm afraid I didn't react very positively to suggestions that I make a spindle out of various household objects and my final objection - that I didn't have a hot glue gun - led Felix to ask if I was a crafter or not.

Obviously I couldn't take that lying down so when I got home I summoned up the spirit of Blue Peter, grabbed a creme fraiche tup lid and was looking around for a pencil when it struck me. Why do so many so many instructions for making your own drop spindle tell you to use a pencil when at least the knitters amongst us have so many more suitable implements? I'm talking needles. It turns out that a 35cm 7mm bamboo needle pushed through the lid of a plastic tub (mine contained creme fraiche but I'm sure houmous or guacamole would work too!) is just the thing for a drop spindle. The head of the needle even prevents your half hitch (or whatever it is) from slipping off the top of the spindle.

Improvised drop spindle

It's obviously not the most attractive of spinning implements but it's nice and light (which means less yarn breakage) and there's tons of room on the spindle for yarn so i think I'll be able to spin half the fibre in one go. The plan is to spin two singles and then ply them together to make something like a sock/sport weight yarn which I can use for socks. I've got a hundred gms of fibre so I think there should be enough but I'll try to get a rough idea of the yardage when I skein it up.

Here's a pic of the yarn on the spindle.

cose up of yarn on the spindle

The colours are much more muted than in the top but there are some lovely clear deep pinks as well as some more mixed shades. I split the top lengthways into 11 sections to start with and then I'm spinning each section in turn so I should get some sort of repeat.


oscarcat said...

I am so glad that you made yourself a spindle! you utter star! i'd love to see the yarn in person if you get chance to bring it on wednesday.

i've been playing with stitch designs for my scarf. :)

Lara said...

Hurrah! That is excellent blue peter style spinning.
The yarn looks lovely!

Look forward to seeing you very soon!