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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Design feature

The back of the V-neck cardi (BPB:WIP-02) is knit up and blocking away as I type (it's taking longer to dry than it did to knit!).

V neck cardigan - left front

I finished swatching (or I knit about half of the second swatch and measured over 5cm) last night at the pub and cast-on after a slight quandary. You see I had previously noticed that the instructions told you to cast on 54 sts in C with 4mm needles for the back, 25 sts in C with 4mm needles for the left front and 25sts in C with 3.75mm needles for the right front. However, I had omitted to check for errata (or pattern revisions as Debbie calls them) online before leaving for the knitting group. Now I've been knitting for long enough to be quite happy to second guess the pattern and so I cast on my 54 sts for the back in C with 3.5mm needles (I had gone down a needle size after swatching). Ribbing at the bottom edge of sweaters is usually done with a smaller size of needle so I figured this was what had been meant. Still I had a nagging feeling so I checked for pattern revisions this morning. Turns, out it was the other way around. All pieces should have been cast on with the larger size of needle. Still, it looks fine and besides, if you do a thing once it's a mistake, if you do it wrong consistently it's a design feature.

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