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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sock issues

I've got two pairs of socks on the go at the moment. I've just started work on the second Elfine's sock in the Schaefer Anne sock yarn despite not having finished the first. I thought that since I'm not sure how much yarn is in the ball (and since I'm knitting toe-up) it would be a good idea to knit to the heel (or slightly past the heel) of the first sock then pop the stitches onto another needle and work up to the same point in the second sock. Good plan, eh? Turns out that knitting one sock from the outside of the ball whilst there is knitting attached to the yarn coming from the inside of the ball creates all kinds of pain and twistiness in the yarn. I was thinking about ripping back the second sock and guessing where to finish the first, or cutting the yarn attaching the first sock to the ball when I had an idea.

Ziplock bag preventing further entanglement

Is there anything that ziplock bags can't do?

The second pair is the Vinnland socks in the Fleece Artist sherbert dip yarn (that's not the name of the colourway, we just thought it looked like that at the knitting group). I'm really liking the pattern and I love the yarn (in places). There are some really great colours in it - lovely soft pinks and golden yellow and really soft green/blue - it's just when you put them altogether it's a bit much. Hopefully I won't be too bored with the pattern by the time I finish as I'd like to do another pair in a plain yarn.

Vinnland socks

In the meantime I've still not made much progress with Sockpalooza. Having said that I wanted to design something I don't actually seem to have any ideas (or at least not any good ones) and I'd feel a bit lame if I made a U-turn and knit Baudelaire or Pomatomus at this stage. Back to the drawing board then.

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