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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Artweeks 2007

First off another finished object and a work in progress:

PBP:FO-02 V-neck baby cardigan

Yarn: Debbie Bliss cotton dk
Needles: 3.5mm and 3.75mm
Pattern source: Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss

aww - so cute!

This was another super quick knit. I had it knit up and blocked by last weekend and found some great mother of pearl style buttons in Whittaker's in Bolton. They had loads of really cute baby buttons but the colours didn't quite match up. Also in Whittaker's there was a Rowan 30% off sale. I was reasonably restrained (under the circs) and snaffled just four balls of cashsoft dk (2 cream, 2 v pale green) for another baby cardigan (this one to be designed by me) and a ball each of pale blue and cream Kidsilk Haze destined to become a couple of lace shrugs. I have a little extra incentive to actually get around to writing up some of the ideas I've had for designs as our knitting group is making vague plans to apply tp exhibit in next year's Artweeks art festival. We've been inspired by visiting some of the exhibitions which are on this year. This evening Katie, Felix and myself checked out some of the shows in the Jericho area. First we saw some slightly freaky wire sculptures then we went to see some glass at a house just around the corner from our knitting hangout. Next we visited the house/workshop of Tony Thomson who makes the most amazing jewellery just a couple of doors down the street. He explained that a lot of his work had been sold at the private viewing right at the start of Artweeks but he gave us a tour of his fabulous workshop and showed us drawer after drawer of the most beautiful stones. it was really fascinating. Then we wandered further north and looked at paintings by Claire Basset. I love the concept of Artweeks wherein artists exhibit in their own homes. Not only does it allow those artists who can't afford (or just don't want) a gallery space to make their work accessible to anyone who wants to view it but it means that you get to have a nosy around people's homes! It was a tiny bit awkward for the first one or two houses - especially at Rachel Ducker's where the door was open and we had to wander in and call out "hello, we've come to look at your art". Still, all good fun, eh.

Currently on the needles are the Vinnland socks from the current issue of the AntiCraft. I'd only wandered by there to try and help Abby locate a pattern for a petticoat and i found this pattern, just this the thing for my Fleece Artist sock yarn. I think that they'll be a present for my sister, depending on how happy I am with the finished product (I'm worried that the aqua stripes - which aren't showing up in this photo - are a little too garish).

too shiny?

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My name is Abstar!!! said...

hey babe, I am knitting the other little moss stitch collar cardi! yey they are cute!