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Thursday, May 03, 2007


I spent a fair portion of last night's Bluestockings gathering* thumbing through the two volumes of the Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches (Hilary had brought hers along) trying to pick stitch patterns for my sock pal's socks. I'd really like to design something and this would be a good opportunity. Plus, if I just buy a pattern or pick a free one off of the net then the whole thing will be over too quickly and I'll have to sit on them (metaphorically speaking) until August.

My brief is pretty non-specific—I just have to avoid purple—so there's lots of "scope for imagination"* but I'd like to include some cabling (though not too much as I'm mailing to a warm climate) and some lace and I want it to be assymetric so I can knit a left sock and a right sock (thus avoiding second sock syndrome). Too ambitious? We'll have to see.

* I don't like calling it a meeting, it's too reminiscent of minutes and agendas and I get emough of that at work!

** I'm still having a bit of an L.M. Montgomery fest via Librivox

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