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Friday, June 01, 2007


In which my second Elfine's sock catches up with the first and I finally come up with a pattern for Sockapalooza which I will be knitting as soon as I've spun the damn yarn.

After languishing on the back burner for a week whilst I played away with the Vinnland socks I'm back on the straight and narrow and am now past the heel on both the Elfine's socks [Update: I bound off the first sock on Wednesday and the second is well on the way to completion]. I think I just needed a little break from the smaller needles. Having said that, it's surprising how quickly this pattern whips up, even on a set of 2.5mms.

Elfine's socks

I know that lots of people (kind of including me) have picked this pattern to knit for Sockapalooza and it does make really pretty socks.

I say "kind of" including me, because I've made some adjustments. I really wanted to make the left and right socks mirror each other, rather than be an exact pair, partly to avoid second sock syndrome, partly because I like the idea of marrying the pattern and the form of the item, rather than just picking a stitch pattern and then knitting a rectangle and a tube*.

Sockapalooza test sock**

Pattern close-up

The first eight rounds are knit as per pattern but after that the pattern is adapted to create a triangular panel on the outside of the instep. The rest of the foot is knit in plain stocking stitch which continues until just past the ankle, there will then be a diamond shaped panel on the inside of the cuff and possibly a single leaf at the same point on the outside of the cuff. That's a bit of a fuzzy description but I've not written the pattern out yet so it's a bit vague in my head!

* Not that there's anything wrong with that. A lot of my favourite socks are knit that way, I just thought that for Sockapalooza I should a bit of an effort.

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