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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Top-down baby raglan cardi

More progress on the top-down baby raglan which is starting to look very cute. I've worked out the underarm sleeve shaping (2 mirroring decreases on alternate rows and then 2 mirrored decreases every 4 rows). This should get me to the top of the cuff with 25 stitches remaining. Just one little issue. The sleeve length needs to be 14cm, but is that 14cm from the shoulder or the underarm? I'd been going from the underarm but I'm starting to worry that it might look like a cardi knit for a baby orangutan. Any ideas? If no-one has any suggestions I'm going to finish knitting the first sleeve as per spec and then see what it looks like.

I'll be taking the cardi along to the Bluestockings meeting this evening. I'm really looking forward to it. We're trialling a new pub as our regular venue (the one where we met up for WWKIP day on Saturday) and I'm looking forward to such luxuries as working lightbulbs and not sitting right next to the kitchen!

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