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Sunday, June 10, 2007


The PicKnit in the Parks for WWKIP day didn't quite come off - the weather was a bit too uncertain for picnicking - but we had a great time knitting outside at the pub nonetheless. Lara came along with her Kiri (which looks great).

Lara's Kiri

Katie was knitting on the amazing technicolour waistcoat.

Kate and Ellen

I got a couple of mini hats done for Innocent and then worked on the Elfine's socks. I bound them off yesterday evening amd they look great - they're the best fitting socks I've ever made.

Elfine's socks - ta da!

This morning I made banana pancakes from Nigella's Domestic Goddess - I generally prefer English pancakes but it's so much fun dropping fruit onto the base of the American ones and they're definitely easier to flip over.


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