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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring flowers

The prolonged cold snap in January and February has made everything a little later this year. Whilst there are plenty of snowdrops and crocuses still around (including a magnificent display in Somerville College which I must try to photograph) there is hardly a daff to be seen yet. Two years ago I was able to rhapsodize over them on March 1st. In fact there's something a bit wrong about St. David's day with without any daffodils.

Still, with some iron on patterns and a bit of embroidery floss I can have my own spring flowers (or rather the friend to whom I'm giving these as a present later today can).

Embroidered handkerchiefs

You can tell they're hand-embroidered because I stitched the one with the blue flower (bottom right) on the wrong side!

Embroidered handkerchiefs

These are the first things that I've embroidered using the patterns out of the Sublime Stitching pad that Abby gave me for my birthday back in February and they were so much fun to do that I started hunting out all the scraps of plain fabric in the flat.

Jelly/trifle from Sublime Stitching

I can't quite decide if this is meant to be a jelly or a trifle or a cake but it's fabulous whatever it is.

I have a tiny bit of slightly incompetent make do and mending to show you.

Make do and mend hairslides

One of the button slides that I bought at Handm@de Oxford in November came apart a few weeks ago and the pieces have been sitting on the coffee table waiting to be glued back together ever since. Spot the difference? One of the slides has a slightly larger and more cream-coloured button in the centre (or rather off-centre) now after I superglued the original button to the paper I was using to protect the table. Could have been worse though, I nearly glued it to me (in fact I have a slightly gluey patch on my left thumb as I type which is going to take a few days to wear away I think). I'm much better with a needle and thread than I am with glue.


Petit Filoux said...

The embroidery is so pretty!! And I love your "make do and mend" hair clip!! Having super glue on my fingers sounds all too familiar indeed...!

Lara said...

The embroidery is lovely and perfect introduction to Spring! And reminds me to think about doing more embroidery, I have the patterns but never get round to do any. I love the look of the cakey/gateau/jelly very chic.

My name is Abstar!!! said...

ahhh cheers for the mention babe! he he