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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Marathon girl - week #7

Day #5 - short run

I don't have a distance or a time for you* but I do have pictures! I've been saying for ages that I wished I could take my camera out with me when I go running in order to show you all the lovely things I see en route. Well finally I have a mobile phone with a decent enough camera and (more importantly) something to carry it in (my lovely new Camel-bak Charm**).

I do like the new phone - it's shiny and has a (slightly tricky to use) touch screen.

New phone

Anyway, today was a lovely day so I went for a run by the river. I ran the same route on Monday and it was amazing how much the ground had hardened up in just three days.

Out for a run

[by the boatyard]

It really feels like a holiday from work when you're out in the meadow with the sun shining.

Out for a run

[geese by the beach]

It's tricky to see from this photo but the brownish grey blobs are a flock of Greylag geese flying low across the field, straight at me. I know that geese aren't (that) stupid and that they can fly around obstacles but believe me, I took this photo and then hit the ground. I figure being hit by one of those things at speed wouldn't be much better than being hit by a car!

Out for a run

[Greylag geese]

After the meadow it's across the bridge next to the very picturesque but somewhat overpriced Trout Inn, the boyfriend and I haven't been back since we were charged the best part of £10 for a half of cider, a pint of beer, and a packet of crisps.

Out for a run

[The Trout Inn]

Finally you run back via the canal and it's back to work in time for a shower and a bit of lunch.

Out for a run

[Canal barges]

* the distance is tricky to measure when you're off road without a GPS and the time was severely impacted by keeping stopping to take pictures for your benefit.

** I love this so much. It's absolutely perfect for running and the fact that it sits on my shoulders without bouncing or rubbing means that I can finally carry my phone whilst out running.

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tinebeest said...

It's a nice route, I have done it a few times myself, though I really dread the muddy bit in the first meadow past the Godstow lock (well, first meadow if you run the opposite direction)