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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Marathon girl - week #7

Day #7 - cross-country race

Venue: Horspath
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 30:41 mins
Average time (per mile): 07:40 minutes
Position: 52nd (out of 111)

Start of men's xc race at Horspath

[That's the BMW Mini plant that you can see in the background. Scenic!]

Go me! That's only about 6 and a half minutes after the winner and I felt pretty competitive all the way round, i.e. actually trying to overtake people rather than just slogging on and hoping it would all be over soon. I think I may finally be a real cross-country runner, I even went straight through the muddy bits (and they really were very muddy) rather than picking my way round the edges in order to gain places. As you can see from the photo it was an absolutely gorgeous day though bitterly cold but running up Shotover hill will soon get you warmed up. I did also have a lovely cup of Clipper Organic decaf tea courtesy of the vacuum flask that Felix gave me for my birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Go you! I'm trying to become a runner, but oh my - am I lazy!