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Friday, March 05, 2010


It's all well and good making March the month of healthy eating but then the boyfriend announced that he had to make cupcakes for his colleague (and my friend) Kathrin's birthday and could I help. Fittingly he picked a recipe (Devil's food cake cupcakes) out of the book of cupcake recipes that Kathrin gave me for my birthday last month.

Making cupcakes

[making the batter]

The boyfriend was very excited by the 'owl' that appeared when he took the mixer out of the bowl of chocolate icing and insisted that I take a photo. Well, it's as much like an owl as all those images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary that Americans keep finding in their poptarts.

Making cupcakes

[chocolate icing]

The cakes rose a little bit more than we anticipated but there were enough 'good' ones for the boyfriend to take into work this morning.

Making cupcakes

[Devil's Foodcake cupcakes]

Making cupcakes



monique said...

owl? I see an octopus...

Lady B said...

Mmmm cupcakes... really hoping that the craze lasts. You should also try red velvet cupcakes (google it) - was skeptical about putting white vinegar in, but they are so so good.

Petit Filoux said...

They look yummy!!

Petit Filoux said...

oh and forgot to say, the owl made me laugh! brilliant!!

Kathrin said...

They were delicious, thank you very much!