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Friday, March 05, 2010

Knitting Olympics update

You might have guessed from the complete lack of fanfare that I did not manage to bring home gold in the Knitting Olympics. At midnight on Sunday with 3 and 3/4 hours to go until the end of the closing ceremony I was some back neck shaping and a neckband short of my goal and my numbers for the back neck shaping weren't adding up. I think if the numbers had been right I might have pressed on but it seemed wiser not to turn up for work on Monday morning completely exhausted just in order to meet a fairly arbitrary and self-appointed goal. Especially as I had already missed the rather more concrete deadline of finishing in time to actually give the thing to my brother whilst up in Bolton that weekend.

EZ Hybrid sweater for Ste

EZ Hybrid sweater for Ste

Anyway, it's done now barring the blocking and the snipping off of a few woven-in ends. I do love turned hems. They're just such a neat way to finish off any project.

So, one EZ hybrid raglan down, another one still on the needles. For me(!) this time. Knitting for myself, I can hardly believe it. I think this sleeve just needs another inch to hit a nice point somewhere between 3/4 and bracelet length then there's just one more sleeve to go before I can join them both to the already knit body and get started on the yoke.

EZ hybrid sweater for me

[note the paired left (lalinc) and right (larinc) (see Cat Bordhi's New Pathways book) increases on the inside of the sleeve - hurrah for tiny knitterly details that only I will ever notice]

Hopefully the shirt yoke should give a neat square neckline to be set off nicely by another turned picot hem, have I mentioned that I like those?

btw if you haven't already seen it do pop over to the Yarn Harlot to see her absolutely magnificent Whistler sweater with which she won gold, rounding off an already splendid games for the Canadians.

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Petit Filoux said...

Well done for finishing it, that's an achievement in itself! And starting a new one too, now that's determination! Looks lovely x