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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Spring flowers

I'm really happy that in the midst of all the March winds and April showers (which have arrived way ahead of schedule) we're being rewarded with some very pretty floral displays.


We passed whole banks of snowdrops whilst driving around in the Lake District last weekend. I would have snapped the ones we passed near Loweswater village on our way to the Crummock water car park but we were far too wet by the time we got back to the car to consider anything other than dry clothes, a real fire and afternoon tea at the Borrowdale Hotel where we were staying.

Mum at Crummock water

Dad at Scale Force

I'm not sure whether these photos convey just how wet it was but the only way that my top half could have got any wetter was if I'd stuck my head under Scale Force (pictured behind me).

Scale Force

It was much drier the next day when we went for a quick walk up the Langstrath valley which contains the Langdale beck which, against some pretty stiff opposition, is maybe the prettiest river in the Lakes.

Langdale beck

Every stretch of it is charming, there are foaming cascades and rapids, smooth glassy curves of water over boulders, deep green pools with big round stones at the bottom. I so want to go back and swim there in the summer!

I'm taking a break on the Minimalist cardigan whilst I waited for yarn reinforcements to arrive from Get Knitted. I was expecting my yarn to arrive on Thursday or Friday but got an email today to let me know that they didn't have any in stock and it would be two or three weeks. Rather dumbly I confirmed that I'd like them to order in the yarn before realizing that I'd most likely be in Reading on Tuesday so could pick some up there. Hopefully they'll read my second email cancelling the order before they send off for some more!

Anyway, in the meantime I'm working on a new sweater, also in Rowan Pure Wool, for my niece Laurie.

evil eye

It's a top-down raglan with white and black stripes a la Mr Bump - very fitting for her nearly toddling state.

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