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Monday, March 09, 2009

Dough on the go

Just a quick post while I'm waiting for the breadmaker to go "ping!". I'm making pizza for dinner, a task which is immeasurably more straightforward using the dough setting on the new breadmaker. No flour encrusted bowl (or fingernails), no washing up and hardly even any rolling. Next time I might even be organized enough to put the ingredients in before work and set the timer delay so that I can come home to pizza-ready dough.


I might have mentioned (once or twice) how much I love the near instant gratification of baby clothes. In my view they rank way above accessories like hats and gloves as they're way more usable. You really only do need one or two pairs of fingerless mitts whereas baby* always needs a new sweater having grown out of the last one about 3 minutes after you blocked it. On Friday night I just had a neck band, it's now Monday evening and I have the best part of a sweater, the best part in this case being the ultra cool stripes round the middle. I've made them nice and deep, partly because they were looking good that way, partly because I don't want to run out of yarn, I only have three balls in the blue and the yoke took a whole one!

Having said all that I am craving a new scarf - actually two new scarves. One needs to be tweedy and rugged as I decided last week that my bright pink lengthways scarf doesn't really fit in with the rural aesthetic when I'm fell walking. The other has to be smart and glamorous and I have the perfect match up. The boyfriend and I went to see The International on Friday evening and whilst Clive Owen is pretty hot and the action is very tense the movie was completely stolen by Naomi Watts' 1x1 rib grey scarf. It's early in the year but I'd say it's a shoo-in for Best Supporting Knit on an Actor in a female role at this year's KNIFTAs.

* sorry Aliki!


Ruthcrafts said...

oooh, now *that's* a reason to get to the cinema :) when are the knifta's awarded, I wonder?

Jodi said...

I'm right there with you on the breadmaker pizza dough and the joy of baby knits! Mmmm... Clive Owen. May I recommend Croupier if you haven't seen it yet?

Sarah said...

I enjoyed reading your most recent post. Having just started a blog, I'm looking for people to share with and like the way you combine everyday life with knitting. I was actually born in England, in Skegness, and my brother still lives in Tavistock (near Plymouth). I'd really appreciate it if you'd visit my blog - the poor thing is so new it's sitting there readerless and give some comments. I'm so new at this, I'd like any help you can give.
and let me know what you think.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the visit and comments, Liz!
I do plan to show pictures of my things at some point, but right now I'm concentrating on getting some people to come and visit me. :o) Small steps. Actually another way of saying "I don't know how to do that yet".