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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Semi-rethatched cottage

You know you're living in the country when you get a demonstration on rural crafts on your way to work.

semi rethatched cottage

[taken from the top deck of the bus]

The thatcher was really making a lovely job of it, smoothing out each bundle of straw as he laid it down and then adding the straws that he'd plucked out to the next bundle. I'll try and get another progress shot tomorrow.

I was hoping to have a finished object shot of the Bump sweater but ... I left my yarn at the pub, a fact that I only realised when the bus was halfway home. Luckily Ellen had already noticed it and picked it up by the time I texted her so I've been spared the shame of traipsing in there tomorrow and asking for it. I did make a mental note to pick it up shortly before I left but then I got distracted when I dropped one of my dpns down the back of the banquette. Maybe I should lay off the beer on knit nights. Anyway, here is the sweater at the point where I ran out of black yarn.

Bump sweater

I've just measured the sweater again because it looks very short-waisted, despite measuring nearly 7" from the underarm to the cast-off edge, but I think it's just an optical effect caused by the stripes. Still, the stripes are meant to go right round the middle and it's not like a 16 month old has any figure to be distorted by the apparent position of the waist! It has, however, made me think again about the position of the waist ribbing in the short-waisted vest top that I've just started swatching for. Am I right in thinking that layering over a longer shirt would negate the distortion that a short-waisted top can create? Thoughts please!

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