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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Short-cut pastry

Lemon tart for pi(e) day

[Lemon tart for Ellen's housewarming]

I'm afraid I skipped the step where you're meant to chill the pastry in the tin for 2 hours or overnight but it doesn't seem to have done the pie too much harm. I did remember to leave a good overhang of pastry around the edge of the tin so that I could trim it off neatly after baking. I took a finished pie photo before doing the trimming just in case it went hideously wrong but I took it nice and slowly and it looks very neat.

Lemon tart for pi(e) day

The recipe is from Green & Black's chocolate recipes. Obviously in the book it's a chocolate crusted lemon tart (because a plain lemon tart would be a bit out of place in a chocolate recipe book) but I just left out the cocoa powder and made it up with extra flour. Now I just need to transport it 10 miles on public transport without any sort of pie disaster befalling it!


Kate said...

Wow! Oh my. That looks just amazing. Sometimes I am treated to a Nigel Slater lime version of this kind of tart. Time to persuade the piemaker . . .

Ruth said...

looks stunning! I tried my recipe for a version of this last week - and forgot that pastry would shrink in the oven ;) hope the transport went well!

Felix said...

It was absolutely delicious, I can testify.

Thanks for the heads up on the recipe... I have that book so can dig out the recipe myself.

Yours was truly a treat to behold and consume...mmmmm, lemons.