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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The stitching hour

I'm posting this at around midnight, a little later than planned, having just spent half an hour taming the stash in anticipation of the boyfriend's return from Egypt tomorrow. Who knew there was a coffee table under all that yarn? And I somehow seem to have acquired another dozen or so circular needles since the last time I had them altogether in one place. I suspect that they're hermaphrodites and are breeding.

I meant to start the tidy up when I got home from knitting this evening but I couldn't resist getting the sewing machine out to try the zipper tutorial that Ellen pointed me at on Monday. I also wanted to finally try out the iron-on plastic film from that I bought at the Festival of Quilts last year and I'm afraid that I was as disappointed with that as I was pleased with the tutorial. The stuff seemed to iron on quite satisfactorily and it was OK to sew but the plastic came away from the fabric as soon as I turned the piece right side out and the whole thing looked so awful that I ended up unpicking the right side seams and picking and peeling away all the plastic film.

Little blue pouch

Much better now. I'm currently using the pouch to store all my spools of thread. Maybe if they're all in the same place then I won't buy any more black cotton until I've used up the three full spools I currently own.

Whilst we're looking at sewed stuff I never got round to posting about the pincushions I made a few weeks ago inspired by the one I saw over at needled.


These things should come with a health warning! I ended up making four pincushions over a Sunday lunchtime and only stopped when I realised that I now had four more pincushions than I could sensibly use. It is fun to stitch little things though and I think I'll make a few more little pouches and cushions in readiness for the gift giving season. If I fill them with nice things they'll even do for non-stitchers.


Kate said...

love your pincushions. They are indeed completely addictive. Must. Make. Just. One. More!

Lara said...

Love the pincushions - the colours and ribbons that you have used is gorgeous. Lxxx