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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shoes - £69.99, cap - £6, entry fee - £26, finisher's medal - priceless

I'll put up a better picture as soon as I have one.

I got around (in case you're interested) in 04:25:03, which is somewhat slower than my best (and only other) marathon time of 04:04:52, but considering the heat I was just pleased I finished and didn't collapse or have to walk at any point. Considering that I ran in shorts and a t-shirt and was immensely relieved every time I could throw away my used water bottle I was incredibly impressed by these guys and this bunch. I also passed the guy dressed as Darth Vader and the runner dressed as Fred Flintstone who was carrying his car. I used to think when I saw them on TV that the fancy dress runners weren't serious about running, in fact it's the exact opposite. I didn't see Susan Hewer who was knitting a scarf whilst running but I'm amazed at her achievement, given that I have just about enough hand-eye coordination after 15 miles to lift a bottle to my mouth and drink. Abby (who somewhat overestimates both my knitting and running skills) suggested that I should have a go at breaking her record for my next marathon. I don't think so somehow. Besides, in order to get a scarf of any decent length I'd have to use some sort of aran or chunky weight. That's 100 extra grams to carry round!

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