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Sunday, April 29, 2007

One FO and two new WIPs

I finished the Pomatomus socks (my "bus" socks") on Thursday. I had plenty of time to knit on them, what with two round trips to London plus a lot of travel around the capital. I didn't quite feel up to knitting on them during the marathon, unlike Susie Hewer who managed to whip up a scarf whilst running 26.2 miles. Thanks to careful annotations made during the first sock on my by now very tatty copy of the pattern I even managed to reproduce what I had done for the toe creating two more or less identical socks. I'm very pleased with the result and will definitely be buying solid Regia again, it's an excellent value yarn.

Pomatomus socks

Meantime I have a couple of new projects on the go. Ever since I saw Katie's copy of the Jaeger baby book I've been itching to knit something from it. Whilst I was in London a week last Wednesday to go to the opera I picked up some yarn for a present for the new granddaughter of one of Mum's friends (and my favourite primary school teacher!). I haven't decided yet whether to do the pom-poms, I;m worried they might be a choking hazard.

Posy bootees

I also had a sneaky trip to Stash in Putney to pick up some yarn for me. I got some Trekking XXL in a great heathery purple colour and some gorgeous Knitpicks lace-weight in charcoal (see here for a pic).

I'd relly like to create my own patterns for these two yarns. There are a couple of lace stitches in my Harmony guide that I'd love to try out.

Elfine's socks

Finally, having finished the Poms, I needed a new pair of socks for the bus. I chose the pattern Elfine's socks by Anna Bell and am using up the rest of the Schaefer Anne socks yarn. I cast these on on Friday lunch time and made some good progress into the lace pattern whilst queuing for the changing rooms in M&S in the annual quest to find a size 10 white t-shirt.

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