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Friday, April 20, 2007


Ok, now I'm getting properly nervous about this race. It's not the distance (well, it's not all the distance), it's the weather (the BBC is having a distressingly difficult time making up its mind about whether it's going to be a scorcher or not), and the travel arrangements (I've never been to Blackheath before what if I get on the wrong train?!), and the people, so many people. Actually I coped fine in the Reading half marathon (about 10,000 I think). This is only three times as many runners. It's just that everytime they run a trailer with the music and the overhead shots it all just gets a bit too much.

The unseasonably warm weather also means that I'll have to buy a cap, which means running in an untested bit of gear (which you are really not meant to do). On the other hand, it's not like my head has too many moving parts (on the outside at least) to rub. I was going to buy a cheapo job from JJB or suchlike that I could throw away if it was annoying or if (by some miracle) it clouded over but I think I'll use this as my excuse to buy a marathon souvenir at the expo*.

* One moment of panic about what if they'd sold out, or I didn't like them, or they were way too expensive, what would I do then. Then I remembered that I'd be travelling back through the centre of London where, apparently, they have shops!

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