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Monday, April 09, 2007

Knit warming

On Easter Saturday I invited the knitting group round to the flat for a Knit Warming (I really didn't try very hard with the event name). Aliki and Katie arrived first bearing the ball winder and Swift in a floral print cover which confused me somewhat (to the extent that I nearly asked Katie if she'd brought a parasol). The Swift got some action shortly afterwards as Kate arrived with Abby, Felix and Helen and a vast quantity of yarn to wind. If I hadn't seen the speed at which Kate knits I'd wonder where she was going to find the time to knit it all. I used the Swift to wind four balls of cream Debbie Bliss merino DK (which I'd bought that morning in a mad yarn dash into town) for dyeing purposes. I wound it into two 100g skeins, with the intent of creating enough yarn with the same variegation for a smallish project. This may not have been such a great idea in retrospect (see here). I also cast on the next largeish project, Eunny Jang's Print O' the Wave stole. I've knit this pattern previously for a scarf, however, I want to knit the full scale version and I also want to be able to keep the result (the scarf was for a gift). Fortunately I remembered how to do the version of the crochet cast-on where you crochet the stitches straight onto the needle (I hate picking up stitchs from a chain).

Victoria sponge

I forgot to take any photos during the Knit warming but you can use your imagination and picture this baked, layered with jam and rapidly disappearing inside hungry knitters.

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