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Monday, July 10, 2006

Ta da!

I finished and blocked the River stole on Sunday evening. Whilst drinking a cup of tea and musing over my yarn purchases in John Lewis' coffee shop on Saturday afternoon I realised that I had two largeish projects (the River stole and the Argyle sweater) currently on the go in addition to three pairs of socks (in various states of done-ness). And although I am by no means an advocate of project monogamy I really couldn't justify casting on with any of my new yarn until I'd knocked some of these off. So..I knitted through the Wimbledon final, and through the world cup final, and through extra time and penalties, and through Today at Wimbledon, and finally got the thing blocked and pinned down (finally a use for the futon!) during the World Cup Rowing (go GB!) at about half-past midnight. I'm going to unpin it after work and am quite eager to see if the pointy bits will actually stay pointy.

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